DiGamma Omega Xi Inc. is the first coed multicultural fraternity and sorority. Our organization is about the faith, health, education, pride and success for all people. We set the stage for the production and advancement of scholars, educators, politicians, entertainers, business people, medical practitioners, and other professionals.  It is our desire to bridge the gaps between different cultures and celebrate all that we have in common rather than what separates us.  Most individuals will not be the ones to find a cure for cancer, eliminate poverty, bring about world peace, but every man and woman and child can do something to help others and to make things a little better. We believe each person has a responsibility to do so. It’s is not a religion nor promotes any particular walk of life.  We simply promote self improvement, principles of brotherly and sisterly love, charity, truth, and goodwill toward all mankind.  If your pattern for living consist of reverence, morality, kindness, honesty, dependability and compassion this is the organization for you.

We are represented by professional men and women taking part of, as well as, promoting higher education, community development, and community service. Our main focused is helping the mental and physical health of children by securing the equality, educational, social and economic wellness.

What do we do on college campuses? DiGamma seminars and programming on political awareness, campus cleanups, tutoring, study sessions, career seminars, date rape, safe sex, and self-defense work shops.  It is our goal to bring people together through our social programing: talents shows, parties, poetry lounges and sports events etc.  We collaborate with other non-for-profit corporations and organizations dedicated to the shared commitment of community service like ourselves.  What do we do in the community? We established our own educational, peer mentor, and tutoring program called “Students For Students” also known as the “DiGamma Knights”.  Several times a year we coordinate food drives, clothing drives and disaster relief efforts when needed. Fund raising for multiple sclerosis, cancer, aids awareness and research.

The DIGAMMA KNIGHTS youth program offers high school students a unique opportunity to promote brotherly / sisterly love through community service, higher education, leadership skills, multiculturalism, social/cultural awareness and civic engagement.  This program provides a practical framework that enhances teenagers in critical thinking and dialog. We provide role models for those youth that in many case do not have one around to point them in a positive directions. Having college students interact with high school students has and will promote service, higher education and reduce delinquency.   Inspiring young men and women to be role models for other young adults within a positive dynamic group representing unity and community excellence.

DiGamma Benefits

*Becoming part of a collective group that celebrates diversity, gaining sensitivity and education on multiculturalism. *Changing the lives of children for the better *Leadership opportunities *Public Speaking *Communications skills *Creating a social network for service *Responsibility, both personally and professionally *Strengthening the surrounding community *Civic engagement *Develop business skills, including money management and working within a team *Time management *Access to members with whom they will form a mentoring relationship and a go to for guidance and support.