Our society wanted a symbol that makes us unique and distinguishable from others in existence. The DiGamma symbol represents our Motto: Vision, History, Purpose. ┬áDiGamma is a symbol for us that points toward where the concept of “fraternity” originated in Kemet.

Collegically founded at New York Institute of Technology one chapter consisting of three college campuses: Central Islip, Manhattan and the Old Westbury Campus.

Sometimes referred to as the first “woke” organization. From day one there was a focus on more than just education and community service but community development, economic inclusion and empowerment. Taping into history and the connection of all human being and how life can be better for all. That the years of college is a time to master balance and teaches role in the campus as well as the community at large. Hazing was very much the norm and we wanted to create an anti hazing org from the ground up that would include any individual that had the same passion and focus for excellence. No matter where they are from and what they looked like.

It was important to carve out a simple tunnel vision for agenda. It was observed many “GREEK” organization had no real focus. We narrowed in on the mental and physical health of children. This was accomplished by helping family with food. clothing and created our students for students program which later on become the DiGamma Knights.